The Fizzle Show PodcastYou’re here because you want to create a business that supports you.

You want to build something that earns and affords you the life you aim for.

But there's a heavy tension you've probably experienced between a). doing something you care about, b). doing something you're good at, and c). doing something others find valuable.

The dream is to find the balance between those three points.

You may quit something others find really valuable… because you're bored by it (or worse: you hate it).

Or you may have to quit something you absolutely love… because nobody else thinks it's valuable.

Or you may never get the idea off the ground because, though it's both valuable and something you care about, you're simply not good at it (yet).

Corbett, Caleb and I have felt this tension. At some points intensely (my first failed business comes to mind).

And that's why this conversation ends up being so good. We explore this tension and share some personal stories of discovery.

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