The Fizzle Show PodcastWe’ve heard from thousands of entrepreneurs — the most common struggle, across the board, is staying motivated.

We’re solo entrepreneurs.

We burn out.

We dry up.

We melt down and have another go through the FaceBook stream… maybe something new has happened.

That’s fine, unless you actually are an entrepreneur. Unless you actually are your own boss, responsible for your own support, for your own income.

Every entrepreneur must learn how to balance their own energy, how to push through when they need to (and slow down when it’s right). That’s what we dig into in this episode of the Fizzle Show.

Corbett has a unique (and time-tested) practice for preempting burnout. If you’ve seen Inception, this is basically his totem — the tool he uses to decipher if he’s operating in the real world or not. He shares this totem alongside plenty of commentary from Chase and Caleb.

If you’ve ever struggled with motivation or distractions (you probably shouldn’t even be here if you haven’t) there’s loads to glean in this conversation.

How do you stay balanced and motivated? How do you keep from burning out? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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Corbett’s Full “What Matters” List

(Note: Corbett here. This is the full list, my list, of “what matters.” I keep this as a project in my to-do application. We get into the full details about this in the episode. We’d love to hear below in the comments what your list of “what matters” contains.)

  • Be happy
  • Be active daily
  • Cultivate friendships
  • Don’t work too much
  • Say what you think
  • Don’t ignore your dreams
  • Balance: past / present / future
  • Make new experiences (travel)
  • Take on challenges
  • Earn, save (don’t spend), invest
  • Appreciate and show gratitude
  • Enjoy: food, art, music, meditation, sport